Friday, 22 May 2015


SEO is an established practice and it's an established, descriptive term. For millions of people around the world, it carries the accurate meaning  the practice of improving a brand's visibility in and traffic from search engines.SEO is a combination of technical readiness of a website, optimized content and links. Factors like page loading speed, authorship and structured data can improve different aspects of search marketing performance as well. Creating useful information that is optimized for the things buyers are looking for is another best practice.
Traditional SEO has been all about keywords. In fact, we've always recommended front loading your titles and URLs with the keywords used in your content.The main goal of the new algorithm is to make Google far better at interpreting conversational language and understanding the intent of a given search rather than just a series of keywords.

Inbound marketing is promoting a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, enewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing which serve to attract customers.In addition to getting your content to the right people, as a business person who is trying to foster leads into the inbound equation, you want to get the right content to the right people at the right time.the SEO industry undergoes a shift and Google continues to change its algorithm, successful SEO practitioners need to increase their knowledge of a wide range of inbound marketing channels.

Inbound relies on content to attract, engage and convert new customers that are actively looking for solutions. Marketers that understand how customers discover information on the web can effectively plan content around topics buyers want information on. Keyword research around those topics will aid in the optimization of the content so it can be found through search.Inbound marketing tactics include:
  • Content marketing through blogging, video, news articles, and copywriting
  • Search engine marketing through organic channels including local, mobile and vertical search
  • Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and in forums
  • Building links and non-social external traffic referrals
  • Email marketing
  • User experience through design and interface improvements and page speed
  • Customer retention and lifecycle management
  • A boat load of other activities                                       

Inbound marketing strategy may fall entirely to one person to create and execute. A larger team may have more specialized positions in content, social, brand, etc. or really any combination of the above tasks among any number of people, depending on the company’s needs an the team’s strengths.


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