Friday, 15 May 2015


SocialMediaOptimization shot form is SMO.Some of them refer it as Social Media Marketing. Either way, it is next wave of online marketing, it is a perfect marriage between Search engine Optimization (SEO) and social media.
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Benefits of Social media Optimization
  • Build brand awareness
  • Build customer relationships
  • Bring more qualified traffic to your website
  • Perform hyper targeting
  • Sell more services and products
  • Builds credibility and trust online

Social media optimization is the process which is used to enhance the awareness of products and services making use of the social media platforms like face book, twitter etc. These social media sites have captured the mind of many social media marketing company to utilize them for search engine optimization. But many wonder how social media help to create brand awareness and help in getting more business. Let’s look into the various ways how these social media help to promote products and services. 

Social media marketing uses various means of social media such as blogs, online communities, social networks, and ther online media for marketing, sales and customer service. There are millions of people get connected through the social media sites, this is because humans like to have a social company and want to communicate with each other whenever possible.

Advantages Of Social media Optimization

Brand building : Brand awareness can be spread very fast through social media sites. So a successful social media optimization can create a great reputation for your brand. Through social media sites your company message can be spread more effectively.

Low cost : SMO would not cost you more, with little time and consistent effort you can attain success easily. This is a superb replacement of traditional method of marketing.Search engine ranking:Search media optimization can give your site lot of back links so search engines would love to improve your ranking.

Instant turnaround : Making your brand visibility in the first page of major social media sites and video can fetch you huge number of instant traffic, popularising your website within no time.Targeting specific audience: Search media optimization has the ability to target different kind of audience such as gender specific, geographical location specific, and also target audience based on their age, interest and even marital status. So this would be helpful for the businesses to use the social media marketing to attract specific group of people.                                                                                               
Businesses should opt for right online marketing technique so that they can make use of the social media strategy to their advantage. For example an automobile manufacturer can create social profile in a social media forum where there are lot of people who are keen to know automobile. Automobile manufacturer after creating the forum can provide latest updates about their products and services and capture the market effortlessly.


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