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Web marketing means using internet to advertise your products and service. In 21st century the word web marketing is popular .Many of them confused when somebody asks a simple question. Is web marketing and internet marketing is same? Answer is very simple. Web marketing is a part of internet marketing, Internet marketing is a collection of web marketing, e-mail marketing and social media marketing.
Why we use web marketing?
Less Expensive: As compared to Traditional forms of advertising such as TV commercials, billboards, and advertising in top magazines cost significantly more than a typical internet marketing campaign. Part of the reason is because internet marketing is so flexible and helps to reduce the cost on advertisement because web marketing is relatively cheaper as compare to traditional forms.
Extremely targetable: You can optimize your website copy, adverts or social media effort for any niche taking into account demographics, psycho graphics, location and more.

Establish Credibility through quality content: What good is it for a consumer to find you if you are asleep? Well by producing quality content in the form of a blog, podcast or video on your site you can establish your credibility even while you are sleep.
Repeat exposure to customers increases likelihood of a purchase: A good strategy is to give away a value-added video or whitepaper if a visitor enters their email address. This allows you to get them into your sales funnel and reach out to them with additional content and offers. Therefore they will be more likely to buy from you. You cannot do this with traditional forms. Now we understand clear picture of web marketing and reasons for why we use web marketing. Then let me explain different types of web marketing.

Types of web marketing
Display Advertisin : The use of banner ads and other graphical advertisements to market                 online.
Search Engine Marketing: Using search engines to help connect users with products and services they are most interested in.
Search Engine Optimization: A free and organic way for companies to improve their visibility in search engines.
Video Marketing: Using web videos for promotional purposes.
Web marketing is a powerful medium of advertising, it targets the correct audience and zones in on promoting your business. So use Web Marketing techniques for better ranking, website visibility and traffic.
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